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Some factors affecting profitability of Beef Production farms under Egyptian conditions
Authors: Seham, F. Shehata, Iman, R. Gamel, Sosa, G. A. and Atallah
Year: 2013
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Benha veterinary medical journal
Volume: 24
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 211-229
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
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This study was carried-out to throw the light on the most important factors affecting economic and productive efficiency of beef production in Egypt through field survey in Kaliobyia, Giza and Monofyia provinces during the period extended from winter 2010 to summer 2012 on random samples of beef production sectors. These sectors were Farmers (Fallah), private and Governmental. The types of fattening animals included in this study were balady cattle (local breed), crossbreeding cattle and buffalo species. Beef production and economic data were collected from a cross-sectional and longitudinal and field survey. During the data collection, the researcher was in intimate contact with the beef holders and managers. Results concluded that the main factors affecting beef production and economic efficiency of beef production farms were feeding types and costs, veterinary management and its costs, fattening period, price of fattening animal, as well as other fixed and variable costs. Also the present study concluded that the most important type of animal and locality of high profitability for fattening were crossbred cattle in Kaliobyia, crossbred cattle in Giza and buffaloes calves in Monofyia as the net profit from them were 2171.16, 1810.49 and 1645.95LE/head and the total return/total costs for them were 121.35, 119.88 and 117.43 respectively.

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