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Ultrasonographic Monitoring of Uterine Involution in Postpartum Buffalo Cows
Authors: Basem A Gad, MM Mohamed, Abdelsalam I El-Azab, Gamal AM Sosa, Sayed AA Essawy
Year: 2017
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Journal of Advanced Veterinary Research
Volume: 7
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 93-99
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
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A description of normal ultrasonographic alternations of the uterus in the postpartum (PP) in buffaloes is essential for the diagnosis of pathological conditions and improves the ability to differentiate puerperal pathology from normal physiological changes. The current study aimed to characterize the changes in uterine features assessed ultrasonographically in normal parturient Egyptian buffaloes (n= 20) during the post-calving period (Until Day 60 PP). In the current data, ultrasonographic findings indicated that the uterine involution was completed at 4-6 weeks PP in normal calved Egyptian buffaloes. Moreover, calving during the spring season and female new born calves were associated with an enhanced uterine involution. Early cyclicity positively influences endometrial thickness (during early PP), dorsal and ventral uterine curvature, and uterine lumen diameter (during late PP) as compared with the late cyclic group. In conclusion, the uterine involution is ended by the 6th weeks PP in normal parturient Egyptian buffaloes. Moreover, season and calves gender implicate in the changes associated with uterine involution in buffaloes. It is extremely recommended to employ ultrasound examinations in the dairy herd to improve the reproductive efficiency of females by reducing the days open and increasing the number of milking animals.

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