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Ultrasonographic, Cytological and Bacteriological Investigation of Endometritis in Arabian Mares
Authors: Mohamed MS Ibrahim, Mohamed MM Kandiel, Gamal AM Sosa, Mahmoud EA Abouel-Roos
Year: 2015
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Global Veterinaria
Volume: 15
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 296-303.
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
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The objective of this study was to evaluate efficacy of diagnostic techniques of endometritis in Arabian mares. An ultrasonographic evaluation as well as cytological and bacteriological examinations of uterine swabs have been performed in Arabian mares (n= 43) suffered from endometritis. Mares showed a highly significant (P< 0.001) impact of age on the occurrence of various grades of endometritis, with the occurrence of severe grade (E4) in mares elder than 18 years. The mean number of neutrophils in the cytological examination of endometrial swabs was 3.79±0.22, 4.90±0.32, 6.50±0.65 and 9.66±0.33 in E1, E2, E3 and E4, respectively (p< 0.001). There was a highly significant (P< 0.0001) difference in the echogenicity of the inflammatory fluid and endometrial wall and the diameter of uterine horn and lumen among different grades endometritis. The overall incidence of single and mixed bacterial infection in mares endometritis was 67.35% and 30.23%, respectively. E. coli (33.3%) and Streptococcus (21.43) were the most isolated microorganisms from uterine bacterial culture. We could conclude that the ultrasonography is a rapid, reliable diagnostic technique for mare endometritis, when combined with endometrial cytology and bacteria isolation.

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