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Prof. Hassan Hassan Ahmed El-Tanahy :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
Study on clove oil Completed
Studies on some special foods Completed
Studies on the effect of different treatments of wheat flour and its effect on biscuit quality Completed
Biochemical and technological studies on soya beans. Completed
Studies on some smoked poultry products Completed
Chemical and biological studies soy bean protein products and uses in improve bakery products Completed
Studies on corn flour supplement with some dairy products and its used in manufacture of some cereal products. Completed
Chemical and technological studies drying of some fruit and vegetable. Completed
Study on utilization of low grad fruits. Completed
Study on some preparing some citrus fruit juices in natural phases Completed
Study on the preservation of some fish Completed
Effect of treatments of the nutritional value of some fish. Completed
Studies on the physicochemical properties and chemical composition of lemongrass oil. Completed
Studies on texture of some foods In Progress
Technological and chemical studies on some baby foods. In Progress
Using of fibers to produce of some special foods. In Progress
Application of HACCP system on production of frozen vegetables. In Progress
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