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Prof. Hwaida Sadek Abdelhameed :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
assessment of mothers care for preschool childern with hepatitis a virus in rural areas Completed
occupational health the effect of poultry salughter houses enviroment on workers health at kalyobia governorate Completed
quality of life among elderly people with bronchial asthma in benha city Completed
quality of life for elderly people with cardio vascular diseases at home in rural areas Completed
study of self care practicle about traditional beliefs among women during postpartum period in rural area Completed
assessment home self care for patient with renal failure Completed
home care of adolescent wiyh type 1 diabetes mellitus in rural areas at kalyobia governorate Completed
.perception (knowledge attitude)of rural &population about therapy in qualubia(alhijama governorate) Completed
study of home care for older adult with cataract and their caregiver in benha city Completed
enviromental health hazards and safty measures among secondary technical schools students at benha city Completed
job satisfaction of maternal and child health centers nurses in kalybia governorate Completed
assessment of work place violence against nursing personnel at benha unversity hospital Completed
students pereeption of disaster management in benha university Completed
mothers care of their childern regarding enuresis in rural areas Completed
pre-martal counseling for late adolescent females Completed
impact of counseling for hysterectomy women on improving their quality of life at benha city In Progress
assessment of typhoid fever awareness among population in rurak areas at kalyobia governorate Completed
nutritional rehabilitation guidline for hemodialysis patient in benha city Completed
assessment of family care regarding their preschool childern with parasitic disease in rural areas In Progress
evaluation of the housewives awareness toward avian influenza In rural areas Completed
perception of farmers regarding brucellosis at kalyobia goveronate In Progress
assessment of students awareness about influenza a h1n1 in the secondary school of girls at benha city Completed
effect of rheumatic fever on quality of life among school age childern In Progress
perception of caregivers regarding to elderly home car at kalyobia rural area In Progress
effect of orphanage home enviroment on health staus among school age childern in kalyobia governorate In Progress
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