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Prof. Hwaida Sadek Abdelhameed :: Supervised PhD:

Title In progress/Completed
effect of counseling on patients self-care after bone marrow transplantion Completed
eductional program for hospital catering personnel regarding prevention of food borne dieases in benha city Completed
first aid training program for drivers regarding road traffic injuries in benha city Completed
home health care counseling for older patients with cataract and their caregivers Completed
enhance nurses managers legal and ethical aspects at benha university hospital Completed
in -services training program for infection control among health center nurses in qalyoubeya governorate Completed
effect of health eduction intervention for mothers and their childer with hepititis a virus at benha hospital Completed
evaluation of home health care intervention for cerebral caregivers in benha city Completed
impact of health education intervention for colostomy patients on their quality of life at benha Completed
effect of preventive health intervention for dealing with primary schools violence in benha city Completed
effect of play therapy program on self esteem of primary school age childern with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder In Progress
effect of eductional program on pregnant women with cardiac disease to improve health and outcomes In Progress
impact of health educational intervention for benha rural health nurses on their quality of home care for preganent and post partum women Completed
effect of osteoporosis prevention program based on health belief model among working women in toshiba factory Completed
effect of eductional health program on self protective measures for farmers using pesticides at kalybia governorate In Progress
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