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Prof. Ibrahim Abdallha Gaaboub

Academic Position: Professor

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Faculty: Agriculture

Department: Plant Protection


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Mobile: 00201006924808

Scientific Name: Gaaboub, I. A.

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Research Interests

• Studying and understanding the relationship between insects and plants. • Studying and understanding the relationship between insects and insects. • Studying the morphological and anatomical structures for sens organ by using scanning and transmission electron microscope. • Effect of Some extract natural product which changes the oviposition and feeding behaviour in insects. • Electrophysiological studies on the detection of the plant compounds by contact chemoreceptors on insect tarsus and antennae. • Central mapping of contact chemoreceptors in the central nervous system. • Effect of DMDS (Dimethyl Disulfide) as Insecticidal Neurotoxicity in the locoust and mice

selected publications

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