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Prof. Ebrahim Mohamed Abdelmoeti Ebrahim Aboleila :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
Management Of Preoperative Arrhythmias Completed
Crdiovascular And Respiratory Systems Monitorng In I.C.U. Completed
Preemptive Analgesia Completed
Total Parenteral Nutrition Completed
Sevoflurane A New Inhalational Anesthetic Completed
Effect Of Diferent Modes Of ventilation On Some Heamodynamic Functios Completed
Anesthesia For Pediatric Amblatory Sugery Completed
Uses Of Anticoagulation In Perioperative Period Completed
Pulmonary Embolism In Anesthesic Practice Completed
Noninvasive Ventilation Completed
Thoracic Epidural Anesthesia And Analgesia Completed
Regional Anesthesia In Pediatric Patient Completed
Alpha-2 Agonist and Anesthesia Completed
Pediatric Lifev Support Completed
Brain Trauma Completed
Awarness During Anesthesia Completed
Role Of Sciatic Block In Lower Limb surgery Completed
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