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Evaluation of screening for thyroid function in high risk full term newborns
Authors: Mohamed El- Bakry, Adel Reyad, Ibrahim Rageh, Saher El- Bayoumi,Maged Kazamel
Year: 2001
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In this study 28 full term neonates from NICU were screened for hypothyroidism versus 46 normal full term neonates. The study showed significant increase in the presence of clinical manifestations of hypothyroidism versus the control group. The laboratory assessment of these cases showed that hTSH (FEIA) and F T4 (ECLIA) at age of 5 days were normal except one case which showed elevated hTSH and it decreased to its normal level at 4-6 weeks of age while the FT4 was borderline in both first and second samples. Although the results were not statistically significant among the studied group of newborn high risk, however, it showed that serial estimation might be a must to avoid the sequelae of complication on one ofthe most treatable disease.

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