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A study of antithrombin IIIlevel in healthy and septic neonates
Authors: Osama Abou El-fotoh, Amira Abou El-Ela, Ibrahim Rageh
Year: 1998
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Antithrombin III profile was studied in 48 neonates admitted to the neonatal care unit of Benha University hospital. They were classified into Group I : 9 full term healthy neonates. Group II : 19 full term septic neonates. Group III: 1 0 preterm healthy neonates. Group IV: 1 0 preterm septic neonates. Our study revealed that antithrombin III (AT III) level was significantly reduced. in septic full term neonates compared to healthy full term neonates. Mean level was 45.2±7.S7 and 50.6±7.6 in septic and healthy full term neonates, respectively, (P

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