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Ecofeminism across cultures in Le Guin's Always Coming Home.
Authors: Iman A. Hanafy
Year: 2010
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Always Coming Home is a brilliant new work by Ursula K. Le Guin. In her novel, Le Guin explores a variety of cultures through an ecofeminist outlook—the Kesh with their profound awareness of the environment, the Condors with their rigidity and hierarchy which is regarded as the opposite to the Kesh, and the dominant modern American culture with its destructive technology. In her delineation of these cultures, Le Guin addresses the main areas of debate within ecofeminism such as woman oppression, the patriarchal system, and the place of animal and the environmental abuse of earth. It is an attempt to shed light on the cultural differences through an ecofeminist lens to validate the human's respect to earth and understand the interconnectedness of all life.

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