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Prof. Maher Hasab El-Nabi Khalil :: Supervised PhD:

Title In progress/Completed
1) Sire differences for milk production traits in Friesian cattle, 1991. Completed
2) Different evaluation methods for breeding animals in dairy cattle, 1994 Completed
3) Genetic analysis for some productive traits in purebred and graded dairy cattle under Egyptian conditions, 1996 Completed
4) Crossbreeding between Al-Gabli and New Zealand white Rabbits in the North Const –Belt of the Egyptian-western Desert, 1999. Completed
5) Evaluation of milk production traits for cows of commercially Dairy Herds in Egypt, 1998. Completed
6) Genetic and non-genetic aspects of the productive efficiency of the rabbits, 1998. Completed
7) Genetic evaluation for sires and Dams in Rabbits, 1998. Completed
8) Estimation and evaluation of sire transmitting abilities for growth traits in chickens, 1999. Completed
9) Genetic analysis for productive life of Rabbit, 1998 Completed
10) Genetic improvement for some productive traits in rabbits of Moshtohor line, 2009 In Progress
11) Genetic mapping for quantitative trait loci affecting some productive traits in purebred and crossbred breeds of chickens, 2009 In Progress
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