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Prof. Mahmoud Maghraby Iraqi Amer :: Experience:

  •  Developed new synthetic line of rabbits called "Line Moshtohor" in 2006 adapted to hot climate conditions in Arabic countries and characterized by high productivity and distributed to small holders and research centers in Egypt.
  •  I have experience in analysis of data and experimental design of experiments
  •  Principal investigator for the project of "Development of rabbits strains in Egypt", from March 2003 to August 2006, in collaboration with the Spanish International Agency (AECI) and the center of Cooperation for development, university of Valencia, Spain, titled: "Production of purebred and crossbred parents of rabbits to be distributed to the small breeders in the middle and east of Delta
  •  Principal investigator for the project of "Meat rabbits production; evaluation and genetic improvement of both of Egyptian & Spain strains", in collaboration with the Spanish International Agency (AECI), Spain, from November 2007 to October 2009
  •  Member of the national team training project: "Pathways to Higher Education, Egypt", which aims to train University students and young graduates in banha University — and here with the Faculty of engineering, Cairo University in cooperation with the international development "Ford"
  •  Prepared and organized training seminars (lectures) entitled "Rabbit breeding and management" for small breeders and agricultural engineers in agricultural departments relating to El-Qalyoubia Agriculture Directorate in (Benha, Tukh, Shebeen Al-Qanater, Al-Qanater, Qalyoub, Al-Khanka, Kafr Shukr) from 20/6 - 7/7/2004.
  •  Organized more than 10 training courses for students and the public in addition to supervising the training in "Rabbit breeding and management", from 5-19 February 2005, 19-30 March 2005, aiming at disseminating rabbits industry in El- Qalyoubia.
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