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Prof. Mahmoud Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
Studies on coffee and tea Completed
Utilization of sunflower flour in bread making and some pastry Completed
Rheological studies on some foods Completed
Studies on utilization of some sugar crops wastes Completed
Fortification of some bakeries Completed
Chemical and biological studies on some soy bean protein products and used in improve bakery products Completed
Studies on production and processing of mushroom Completed
Effect of semolina particles size on macaroni quality and nutritive value Completed
Studies on the quality of some meat products Completed
Studies on some processed meat products Completed
Studies on therapeutic nutrition for Hepatitis In Progress
Studies on applying some technological methods to prepare spices and Herbs which coin seed with the international quality standards In Progress
Studies on using some emulsifiers to improvement the quality of some bakery products In Progress
Studies on application of HACCP system on meat processing In Progress
Studies on some therapeutic foods for diabetic type two In Progress
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