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Dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim Moussa

Academic Position: Asst. Professor

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Faculty: Computers and Artificial Intelligence

Department: Computer Science


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Scientific Name: Mahmoud I. Moussa

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Research Interests

1. Chemoinformatics Algorithms: My current research efforts aim at developing a new chemical entity as a drug by using computer science, mathematics and information techniques, this is where Chemoinformatics Algorithms can come in. Novel techniques such as combinatorial chemistry and high-throughput screening generate huge amounts of data. All these data and information can only be managed and made accessible by storing them in proper databases. many problems in chemistry are too complex to be solved by methods based theoretical calculations. This is true, for the relationships between the structure of a compound and its biological activity, or for the influence of reaction conditions on chemical reactivity. Target applications of these problems in chemistry require novel approaches for managing large amounts of chemical structures and data, for knowledge extraction from data, and for modeling complex relationships. 2. Data hiding and Cryptography: Today, network technologies have improved a lot so that more and more people access the remote facilities and send or receive various kinds of digital data over the Internet. However, the Internet is a public but insecure channel to transmit data. Thus, important information must be manipulated to be concealed while delivered via the Internet such that only the authorized receiver can get it. There are two main methods for concealing secret message traditional encryption and steganography.

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