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Prof. Dr.Mahran Mokhtar Mohamed Ashry El Nagar :: Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2006
1-Certain duties and responsibilities are provided including: • Maintaining an atmosphere which fosters academic integrity. • General supervision, counselling and coordination of graduate student programs. • Recommending graduate candidates for admission. • Maintaining a master file on all graduate students (an up-to-date collection of all official papers for each student in individual folders). • Ensuring that Graduate Student Semester Reports from all graduate students are completed. • Scheduling conferences with the student at least once every semester whether registered for research credit or not. • Acquainting the student with departmental policies and providing personal counseling to help the student develop. • Arranging space for the graduate student research project. • Checking and approving all necessary graduate forms and requests for materials, travel and services. • Assisting students in arranging for guidance committees • ·Checking academic standing of the student at the end of each semester. If the student grade point average falls below 3.0 or a grade lower than 2.0 is obtained, a critical re-evaluation of the program should be made immediately with the Department Chairperson and Associate Chairperson. • Making the initial acceptance of the thesis/dissertation, deciding when it is satisfactory for committee action, and scheduling the meeting of the guidance committee for the final oral examination. • Seeing that an article based on the graduate thesis/dissertation is prepared and submitted for publication. • Initiating the following forms for the M.Sc. and Ph.D. student: a. Appointment of Guidance Committee b. M.Sc. or Ph. D. Program Plan c. Program Adjustment d. Change of Status e. Announcement form of Examinations in Departmental Newsletter f. Report of Oral and Written Examination g. Final Degree Certification h. Checkout & Final Certification
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