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Prof. Dr.Mahran Mokhtar Mohamed Ashry El Nagar :: Supervised Projects:

Title Year
Application of Biotechnology Techniques in Solanaceous Crops Improvement Under Arid Conditions. 2008
Improvement of Antioxidant Content in pepper (Capsicum annuum L). Through Genetic Transformation. Benha University, Egypt. 2013
Production of transgenic potato plants tolerance to abiotec stress (Drought and Saliniaty). Fund from Benha University, Egypt. 2014
Genetic engineering for increasing drought tolerance in tomato. Fund from the Minister of Higher Eductaion, Department of Cultural Affairs and Missions, Egypt in the Institute of plant physiology and Biotechnology, Hohenheim University, Germany. 2016
Biochemical investigations to reduce acrylamide content and increase quality in processed potato products (P I). Fund from Benha University, Egypt. 2015
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