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Prof. Mohammad Badr AlDeen AL-Hussini H Mansour :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
Abdel-Hakam, Wael Mohamed. The Absurd in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot & Endgame & Tom Stoppard's Jumpers & Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. Completed
Zayed, Enas Kamal. The Sense of Revolt in Toni Morrison's Novels. Completed
Hussein, Amal Ragaa Bassyouni. The Structure of the Narrative Poetry of Dylan Thomas. Completed
Moawad, Nermeen Refaat. The Influence of the Holocaust on the Conflict of Identity of the Jewish Characters in Three Selected Plays by Arthur Miller. Completed
Shahein, Shaimaa Abd-Al Fattah. A Courier after Identity: The Impact of Personal Experience and Buddhism on the Composition of the Environmental Poetry of Gary Sherman Snyder. Completed
El-Bakly, Taghreed Gamal Mabrouk. Revenge in "Doa'a Al-karawan" by Taha Hussein and "Eye for an Eye" by Erika Holzer: A comparative Study. Completed
Radwan, Salwa. The Portrait of the American Businessman in Three Selected Plays by David Mamet. Completed
Yusuf, Nesreen Mustafa Mohammed. The Poetics of New Historicism in Selected Novels of the Mamur Zapt Series by Michael Pearce: A Cultural Study of the Egyptian Society under British Imperialism in the Early Twentieth century. Completed
Hassan, Mayssa Muhammad El-Sayed. Searching for Identity through a Humor Framework as Manifest in Selected Plays by Wendy Wasserstein. Completed
Abd El–Salam, Shereen Mohamed Ebrahim. The Ironic Mismatch between the ideal and the real In Philip Larkin's poetry. Completed
Zahran, Ahmad. Color-Struggle in the Poetry of Amiri Baraka and Mohammed El-Faytouri: A Comparative Postcolonial Study. Completed
Meawad, Mahmoud. The Rearrangement of the Text, Images, and Symbols in the Visual Poetry of Bob Cobbing, Ellen Slot, and Charles Bernstein: A Theoretical, Thematic, and Technical Study. Completed
Hamed, Nehal Mohammad Helmy. Humanism in Stephenie's Novel "The Host": A Critical Study in Science Fiction and Philosophy. In Progress
Hanafy, Nora Muhammad. The Effect of Women Oppression on the Afro-American Writers: A Feminist Stylistic Study of Toni Morrison's Novel Beloved. In Progress
Ashour, Doaa Wagdy Abd El Fatah Mohamed. Homelessness Identity in Jimmy Santiago Baca's Poetry: A Textual Analysis Study. In Progress
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