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Title Assessment of reproductive performance in small ruminants under the local conditions
Type MSc
Supervisors Prof. Mohsen A. Agag, and Prof. Mohamed M. M. Kandiel
Year 2021
Abstract The current study aimed to validate the role of ultrasound in the evaluation of reproductive performance, ovarian activity and pregnancy status in small ruminants. In chapter I: To declare the contributing factors (species, season, body weight and age) impact small ruminants fertility, the reproductive statuses of sheep (n=232) and she-goats (n=164) admitted to Meet Kenana, Veterinary Clinic, Tukh, Qalyubia governorate were investigated ultrasonographically for a year from Dec. 2018 to Dec. 2019. The results showed that that the incidence of pregnancy was higher in winter season (46.74%), and it decreased during summer season (5.98%). The rate of inactive ovaries was higher in sheep (10.34%), while uterine disorders was uppermost in in she-goats (9.75%). Summer season was associated with high rate of inactive ovaries (62.85%), while spring season was accompanied with high incidence of uterine disorders (70.96). Ewes at 60-70 kg body weight and 4-5 years old, and she-goats at 40-50 kg body weight and 2-3 years old showed an improved reproductive index (cyclicity and pregnancy rates). In chapter II: To depict the ovarian activity in normal cyclic sheep (n=82) and she-goats (n=58) under local Egyptian conditions they were ultrasonographically investigated scanned trans-rectally and ovarian structures (follicles and corpora lutea) during the four seasons of the year were evaluated. The rate of recorded follicular phase was higher (84.28%) than luteal phase (15.71%). While the season impacted the ovarian activity in terms of mean follicle number, and maximum follicle diameter in sheep, it did affect follicle deviation and corpus luteum diameter in she-goats concluding the seasonality of breeding of sheep, and its lacking in she-goats under the local Egyptian conditions. In chapter III: To buildup equation (s) for the intra-uterine fetal aging, a total number of 110 Baladi sheep and 74 she-goats were investigated ultrasonographically through transrectal and/or transabdominal routs during the period from Day 26 to 112 of gestation. The correlation coefficient (R2) of BBD was higher than CRL in small ruminants (0.9601 and = 0.9598 vs. 0.898 and 0.903, respectively). There was no differences (P=0.258) between the BPD slopes represent ovine and caprine fetal growth rate during the monitored period.
Keywords Fetometry, Ovarian activity, Reproductive statuses, Season, Sheep, She-goats, Ultrasound.
University Benha University
Country Egypt
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