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Ass. Lect. Mohammed Sadek Mahmoud Sadek

Academic Position: Asst. Lecturer

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Faculty: Engineering, Shoubra

Department: Surveying Engineering


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Scientific Name: Mohammed Sadek

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Research Interests

My research has focused on flash floods impacts and risk assessment. It is preferred due to its critical impact on life and property, especially that with the presence of climate change which unfortunately does not have definite patterns, the correct prediction of flash floods occurrence is a challenge. My published papers adopted the low cost solutions strategy for facing and mitigating the flash flood impacts (three SCI papers as first author in addition to effective contribution in other several papers with my lab mates and other PhD students in other Chinese universities. During PhD study, I was keen on addressing the matter using the possible advanced techniques; integration of Copernicus Programme satellites (Sentinel-1/2) and Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling for better understanding and assessment of the flash floods impacts on urban and rural regions.

selected publications

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