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Monocular Depth from Motion Using a New Closed-Form Solution
Authors: M.Hasan ; M. Abdellatif
Year: 2012
Keywords: monocular depth, real-time depth from motion
Journal: the International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications
Volume: Not Available
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 484-493
Publisher: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
Local/International: International
Paper Link: Not Available
Full paper mohamed salem_monocular depth from motion using a closed form solution.pdf
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Monocular depth has been found using estimation, closed-form solution and learning techniques. Estimation and closed-form solution compute the depth from motion, while learning techniques calculate the depth using a single image with a depth map as a supervisor. This paper presents a new closed form solution for monocular depth from motion. The proposed method builds on the notation that an interest point in an image of a static scene has a static world location. Camera pose and calibration parameters are used as constraints to provide the depth solution. The proposed method is verified through real experiments on indoor mobile robot platform. The effect of uncertainty in the solution variables is studied and the results are benchmarked to groundtruth.

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