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Dr. Mohamed K Zobaa :: Academic Positions:

Assistant Professor/Lecturer
- Teaching the principles of micro-paleontology (e.g., palynology and foraminifera) to undergraduate students - Teaching other introductory geology courses to undergraduate students - Participating in organizing and teaching the students’ field camp - Supervising undergraduate (senior) students research projects - Supervising graduate (MS and PhD) students research projects
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Benha University Egypt 2012-1-1 1970-01-01

Senior Teaching Assistant
Teaching the practical portion of the following undergraduate courses: - Biostratigraphy - Macropaleontology - Micropaleontology - Well-logging - Lithostratigraphy - Geology of Egypt - Subsurface Geology - Mineralogy - Crystallography - Topographic and Geologic Maps
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Benha University Egypt 2006-1-1 2012

Teaching Assistant
Teaching the following to undergraduate students: - Systematic Paleontology - Stratigraphy and Sedimentation - Advanced Field Camp
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Missouri University of Science and Technology USA 2008-1-1 2011

Geoscience Intern (Subsurface Technology Biostratigrapher)
Comprehensively studied three well sections from the deep-water Gulf of Mexico (USA) with emphasis on the “lower Tertiary” trend. The study included age dating, paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions, and chemostratigraphic analysis. Results were tied to known major sequence stratigraphic events and used to layout the foundation of a palynological chronostratigraphic framework for the area. A depositional model for the area was also suggested
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ConocoPhillips, USA USA 2010-1-1 2010

Research Associate
- Conducted a detailed study on the palynology of the Gray Fossil Site, Tennessee. Results included palynomorphs identification, reconstruction of past vegetational history, age dating, source rock evaluation, organic thermal maturation, and basin fill history - Studied the palynology of the Pipe Creek sinkhole, Indiana (including palynomorphs identification and age dating) - Trained a faculty and some students on sample preparation techniques for palynological studies - Joined some field trips to collect fossils and study the geology of different areas within the state of Tennessee
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East Tennessee State University USA 2006-1-1 2008

Teaching Assistant
- Taught the practical portion of some undergraduate courses (mentioned above) - Joined several field trips to collect fossils and study the general geology of many areas in Egypt
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Benha University Egypt 2002-1-1 2006

Research Assistant
- Attended several training courses for junior geologists
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Nuclear Materials Authority Egypt 2001-1-1 2002

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