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Medical Dressing Treated with Honey/Chitosan Microencapsules
Authors: Khaled Ebrahim El-Nagar, Nashwa Mostafa Nagi, Mohamed Abdallah Elgamal
Year: 2012
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Wound normally left to dry and dressing keeps infections out as well as reducing the trauma. Advanced technology is used to reduce pain and fast healing with avoiding the deformation of the injured skin. In this work previously UV/ozone irradiated medical dressing samples were treated by honey capsulated in chitosan. Treatment conditions were optimized with respect to weight; air-permeability; whiteness; yellowness and antibacterial. All treated samples showed good antimicrobial performance with sufficient air permeability and weight. The sticky nature of the honey was avoided by formation of microencapsules. Treated gauze samples showed good performance for injured rates with no inflammation

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