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Prof. Nasser Khamis Barakat El-Gizawy :: Workshops / Conferences:

Workshop / Conference Year
المؤتمر السادس QS-MAPlE 2016
المعرض والمؤتمر الدولى للتعليم العالى 2015
Global ranking of universities workshop 2014
Learning outcomes of the programs and courses 2013
Performance indicators and comparisons of reference 2013
Quality standards in the educational process according to the National System for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2013
Advanced program about external audit and simulation of higher education institutions 2012
Strategic plan for information systems and technology universities 2012
Training Of Trainers (TOT2) 2010
12th international Conference of Agronomy Sciences. El-Arish 20-22 September 2010
Concepts and standards for the accreditation of higher education institutions 2009
Self-study higher education institutions 2009
Institutional self-evaluation of institutions of higher education 2009
External audit and simulation of higher education institutions 2009
How to complete for a research fund 2008
Use of technology in teaching 2008
Strategic planning 2008
Conference organization 2008
Training Of Trainers (TOT1) 2008
Legal aspects university environment 2007
Teaching evaluation 2007
International publishing of research 2007
Credit hour system 2006
The 11th international Conference of Agronomy Sciences. Assiut 15-16 November 2005 2005
Methods of scientific research 2004
Research Ethics 2004
The 4th Scintific Conferencr of Agric. Sc. Assiut, 7-9 December2004 2004
Frist Egyptian & Syrian Conference “Agriculture and Food in the Arab world” El-Minia : 8-11 December 2003 2003
Proc. 1st Symp. of the Egyptian Society of plant Nutrition and fertilization, 1-2 September 1997, Cairo 1997
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