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Prof. Osama Abdel Latif Youssef Aly :: Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2008
1-1. Re-designing and supervising the implementation of the main fence for Banha university
2-1. Attending different training courses for developing the capacities of faculty members and leaders (FLDP)
3-1. Attending courses for the training project and information
Scientific Activities of 2007
4-1. Overseeing and implementing of College of Nursing , administrative building ,classrooms for the Faculty of Law Banha university.
5-1. Re-design engineering student housing for Banha university
6-1. Turning an existing building to be used as an open education activity
7-1. Teaching different courses to architecture students
Scientific Activities of 2006
8-1. Designing and supervising the theatre of the Faculty of Education and Law, Banha university.
9-1. Active participation in exhibitions and various conferences
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