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Prof. Sayed Ahmed Abdel-Moneim :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
1) Study of The Heat Exchanger Network (H.E.N.) Flexibility, 2000. Completed
2) Heat Transfer Enhancement in A Rectangular Duct with A Dimpled Bottom Wall, 2002 Completed
3) Enhanced Cooling of Modern Compact Electronic Components: Experimental Investigation, 2003 Completed
Natural Convection Cooling for Spent Fuel of Nuclear Reactors, 2005 Completed
5) Heat Transfer Enhancement in Pipe Flow with Downstream Pulsation, 2006 Completed
6) An Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Heat Transfer in A Rectangular Duct with One Ribbed Wall, 2007 Completed
7) Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of MSF Desalination Plants, 2007 Completed
8) Exergy and performance analysis of combined gas turbine with air bottoming cycle, 2007 Completed
9) Exergy and performance analysis of combined gas turbine with steam power cycles with different configurations , 2007 Completed
10) Experimental Study of Thermal Storage in Packed Beds with Exergy Analysis, 2008 Completed
11) Heat Transfer from A Plate Downstream of A Fence 2010 Completed
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