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Blind Signature Schemes based on ElGamal Signature for Electronic Voting: A Survey
Authors: Monira M. khater, Ayman Al-Ahwal, Mazen M.Selim, Hala H. Zayed
Year: 2018
Keywords: E-Voting, Blind signature, ElGamal signature, universally forgeable Attack
Journal: International Journal of Computer Applications
Volume: 180
Issue: 30
Pages: 21-28
Publisher: IJCATM :
Local/International: International
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The Electronic Voting (E-Voting) became a truly crucial part in the democracy of our life in which the election data is recorded, stored and prepared fundamentally as computerized data. Important basic properties of E-Voting are eligibility, privacy, fairness, uniqueness, receipt-freeness and verifiability. In addition to properties of blind signature such as correctness, blindness, anonymity and unforgeability. Blind signature allows to obtain a signature from the signer who signs a message without reading the content of the message. This paper presented a survey on blind signature schemes based on ElGamal Signature. The aim of this paper is to compare the existing blind signature schemes based on modifications of their parameters such as blinding factor, blinded message, blind signature, and Signature pair that satisfy these basic properties.

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