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Digital Elevation Model of Green Mountain ,Abha,KSA
Authors: Not Available
Year: 2015
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Journal: Journal of Computing Technologies
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Analysis of the Earth’s surface using 3-D models provides a wealth of new interpretation opportunities to geologists and Surveyors. Three-dimensional visualization of the Earth’s surface and its examination at different angles and differently orientated is helpful for Surveyors. The tool is, however, relatively seldom used due to either limited access to digital data bases or time-consuming procedures of individual construction of such bases from the existing cartographic data. However, Topographic maps are most common source of terrain and elevation information for a given region. With the advancement of technology, other source of terrain and elevation data are now available at public domain. In this project work, elevation data points for Green Mountain of Abha City of Saudi Arabia extracted from the Google earth and a digital elevation model (DEM) was prepared.

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