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Prof. Soliman Mohamed Mustafa :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
1) An analytical study to estimate the capital of public sector banks specialized in the competitive environment Applied to the Industrial Development Bank completed
2) empirical study of the impact of accounting information on decisions to grant credit and investment decisions in securities completed
3) Assess the importance of measurement and disclosure of knowledge capital completed
4) Measure the costs of environmental quality using the activity-based costing with the Applied Study completed
5) accounting Dimensions for investment decisions in the shares and the impact on the stock market in Egypt, a theoretical study completed
6) Accounting measurement of the relationship between indicators of economic performance and stock prices of companies listed on the Egyptian market for the securities of a test study completed
7) Accounting measurement of social responsibility information on the application of the Egyptian TV channels completed
8) accounting Dimensions for restructuring banks in light of trends of banking mergers and its impact on the Egyptian Capital Market - An Empirical Study completed
9) The impact of accounting disclosure for investment funds on the stock market in Egypt completed
10) Evaluate the disclosure of extraordinary items in the financial statements of joint stock companies in Egypt completed
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