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Prof. Soliman Mohamed Mustafa :: Workshops / Conferences:

Workshop / Conference Year
المؤتمر الأوربى حول التعليم 2016
الملتقى العاشر لهيئة المحاسبة والمراجعة 2016
المؤتمر العربى الأوربى الثالث 2016
المعرض الخامس للتعليم 2016
المعرض الخامس للتعليم فى الخليج 2015
المؤتمر الدولى للمحاسبة والتميل 2015
المعرض الحادى عشر للتعليم العالى 2015
المعرض التعريفى بالجامعات المصرية 2014
الدورة السابعة والأربعين لأتحاد الجامعات 2014
معرض التعليم بالكويت 2014
18. a proposed framework for the application of value added tax (VAT) in Egyp 2008
17. The role of financial institutions in community development and strengthening of small projects 2007
16. Development of exports in the light of regional and international levels 2003
15. Investing in the regional tourism sector 2002
12. Investment funds of Egyptians working abroad and its role in development 2001
13. Integration between Zakat and taxes 2001
14. operative projects under the BOT system in Egypt 2001
10. Electronic Commerce 2000
11. Capital Investment in Islam 2000
5. the euro and the economic effects on Egypt and the world 1999
6. New check law 1999
7. environmental accounting in developing countries - a case study on Egypt 1999
8. Egypt and the issues of globalization in the twenty-first century 1999
9. the future of the business sector in Egypt 1999
2. Egyptian experience in the privatization 1998
3. Economic Reform and Capital Market in Egypt 1998
4. Beyond the financial reform in Egypt in light of the vision of the future challenges of the twenty-first century 1998
1. Total Quality Management in the development of university education 1997
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