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Assist. Ahmed Mohamed Alhussaini Ali Abdel Rahman Hamad

Academic Position: Demonstrator

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Faculty: Veterinary Medicine

Department: Food control


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Scientific Name: Ahmed Hamad

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Biofilm related to Animal health and Foodborne pathogens [2023-05-12]
I am pleased to proudly and happily announce the completion of the research project entitled "Biofilm related to Animal health and Foodborne pathogens." The project funded by Science and Technology Development Fund at Benha University under the supervision of Dr. Shimaa N. Edris, the principal investigator of the project. I was pleased to be one of its members and work with her for one year. A year of work and effort, during which our efforts were crowned with success by publishing a research paper in the journal ranked No. 38 in the world in the field of veterinary medicine (Q1). download attachment

Research Interests

Food Safety, Biofilm, Food Hygiene, Food Quality, Food Science, Meat Hygiene, Bioactive Peptides; Antibiotic resistance; Food Microbiology

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