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Effect of ozonation of wheat grain on quality bread factory
Authors: El-Desouky, T. A1, Sharoba, A. M. A.2, A. I. El-Desouky2, El-Mansy, H. A2,
Year: 2013
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Ozonation of wheat grain is a quick and easy process that could be realized during the storage. The ozone is in direct contact with the grain and modifies immediately the properties of the wheat. Stability and resistance of dough were increased with ozonation at 40 ppm in comparative with control sample. The results showed a gradual increase in specific volume of balady bread according to the time of ozonation. On the other hand sensory evaluation of balady bread showed ozonated wheat grain had good crust color of bread when compared with control sample. It was observed that the overall acceptability of the balady bread was affected significantly with extended exposure. Therefore overall acceptability decreased to 78.6% with ozonation at 40 ppm for 20 min.

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