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Awareness of Personnel in Direct Contact with Animals Regarding Brucellosis.
Authors: Howyida, S. Abd ElHameed1, Lamiaa, T. Abd El Hameed2, Kamel, A. Zyan3
Year: 2012
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Journal of American Science
Volume: 8
Issue: 6
Pages: Not Available
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: Local
Paper Link: Not Available
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Brucellosis is still an endemic serious disease among domestic animals and human, constituting a public health problem in Kalyobia Governorate; hence this descriptive study was carried out to evaluate awareness (knowledge, attitude and practices ) of Personnel in Direct Contact with Animals Regarding Brucellosis in Kalyobia governorate. A total of 300 persons of direct animal contacts were interviewed by using questionnaire form. The findings from 'the study revealed that, a significant difference between the 3 groups regarding knowledge (p value=0.001) with higher mean score among animal examinations. The attitude toward preventive measures of brucellosis was positive. Good knowledge and positive attitude especially from veterinary doctors not always translated into sound practices, mainly due to lack of supplies (masks, gloves, coat and vaccines). The general practices of animal breeders regarding, cleaning, disposal of animal waste and vaccination of animals was bad. This study Concluded that the awareness of studied participant was low, also the training and health education about brucellosis not enough with availability protective supplies and equipment. The study finding recommended that veterinary doctors should give health education to all work in direct contact with animal about preventive measures, and communication messages about brucellosis should be available in each veterinary health unit.

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