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Effect of Nutritional Educational Program among Overweight/Obese Female Students at Benha University.
Authors: Howyiada, S. Abd El-Hameed1, Soad, A. El-Salam2, Heba, A. Aly3, Abeer, Y. Mahdy4
Year: 2012
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The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of nutritional educational program on knowledge, attitude and knowledge related practice among overweight/obese female students at Benha University reflecting on their quality of life (QoL). Aqua's experimental design was utilized in this study. A total of 143 overweight/obese female students were selected by systematic random sample for the intervention and control groups. The study was conducted at Benha University. Two tools were used: 1) An interviewing questionnaire to assess knowledge, attitude and knowledge related practice. 2)An observational checklist for observing female student body mass index ,Pre/post test which was calculated according to WHO,( 2000) classification The study results revealed that overall female student's knowledge for post-test was significantly higher than pre-test (P-value ≤ 0.05). Statistically Significant differences between pre post- intervention were detected for participants quality of life domains (p-value ≤ 0.001). The study concluded that the nutritional educational program had positive effects on improving knowledge, practice and attitude of overweight/obesity Benha University female students, as well as their quality of life mean scores. The study finding recommended that guideline manual should be available for university female student to help them identify risk of obesity and correct misconceptions and bad feeding behaviors which lead to obesity. Health education about balanced diet should be conducted to all university students. More research should be done concerning nutrition, especially in adolescence stage.

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