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Dr. Magdy abdelazeez Mohamed abozed :: Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2007
1-Supervised the preparation of students Art works to represent Benha FSE in the Exhibition held by the ministry of Higher Education
2-Participated in setting the technical specifications for the Furriture of the University faculties and University Hastels
Scientific Activities of 2006
3-Participated in the Environment sofety week, Benha University in collaboration with Qalubia Governrate
4-Held on Exhibition in a hall of Cairo Atelier entitted "A contemporary vision of the pharonic Decoration for the Egyptian tenting"
Scientific Activities of 2005
5-Held on Exhibition in a hall of Cairo Atelier entitted " The Islamic Decoration in a new plastic treatment on printed textiles"
6-Held on Exhibition for the Eathetics of Folk Decarations and their applications to Art works (Leather works)
Scientific Activities of 2004
7-Taught and trained the Rural women in Qalubia for the environmental Art works & Folk Heritage
8-Held on Exhibition in a hall of Cairo Atelier entitled "The Folk Art in between form and Formulation"
Scientific Activities of 2003
9-Held an Exhibition for Environmental and tradiational arts
Scientific Activities of 2001
10-Held on Exhibition for wood works, Engraving and Bark inlaying
Scientific Activities of 2000
11-Participation in decorating the compus and validating Art competitions in Benha FSE
12-Participation in preparing Art Educaiton programs for the Bachelor Degree
13-Supervising the graduation projects of Art Education candidates and Holding Open Exhibitions in campus, Benha FSE
14- Preparing and supervising Art Exhibitions held by manshiyat Sabry society for Developing the local community
15-Held an Exhibition for metal works & Applied products
16-Held an Exhibition for metal works & Applied products
17-Held on Exhibition for Art and Hand arts entited "the master and his Apprentice students "Ashmun FSE, menufia University
18-Organized Art and Hand works of Benha University students
Scientific Activities of 1998
19-Participation in Field Trips to collect material Folk lores and tradiation plastic arts from Marsa Matrouh, Siwa, Om Assaghir Oasis, Sharkia, Halayeb & Shalatin on the Red Sea, Beheira, Resetta, Imyay and Al-Kharkaniya of Qalubia Governorate
20-8. Supervising and coordinating the preparation of the Folk Arts studies centre, Academy of Arts
Scientific Activities of 1996
21-Supervising the Teaching Practice program, benha FSE,
22-Effective participation in Art Educaiton Dept. Seminars
23-Participation in " Traditional crafts in Egypt: Now and Tomorrow" Forum, Supreme council for culture
Scientific Activities of 1995
24-Participating in preparation and coordination of the Folk Arts Exhibition of Ismailia International Festival
Scientific Activities of 1991
25-Participating in the preparation of Folk plastic Arts Exhibition, centre of Diplomats, Zamalek
Scientific Activities of 1980
26-Supervising and participating in Art Exhibitions in Kanfidha, Saudi Arabia,
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