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Dr. Magdy abdelazeez Mohamed abozed :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
The Beauty of Irregular shapes as an Experimental Approach to Develop Design Skills of Art Education students Completed
2- Using the computer to get creative patterns from the Natural Flowers for Designing a Beneficial product, Completed
3- Designing paper toys of original plastic patterns for Egyptian children Completed
The Islamic plant Decaration and its use in Designing a product of Artistic patch work for tourism Completed
Inherited and Innovative customs and traditions in the Egyptian countryside and their Impact on the creative Designs of the metal Jewels Completed
The Effectiveness of Teaching on Instructional Unit in Art Works Based on Active Learning to develop Some Artistic Skills of Art Education students Completed
The Effectivness of a counseling program for Developing Some Aspects of the Artistic sense of the mentally Disable children with learn ability Completed
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