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Estimation of heterosis and combining abilities for carcass traits in chickens - 1991
Authors: Khalil M.H., Hanafi M.S., Ezzeldin Z.A., Sabra Z.A.
Year: 1991
Keywords: Chickens, heterosis, combining abilities, carcass traits
Journal: Egyptian Journal of Animal Production
Volume: 28
Issue: 2
Pages: 211-224
Publisher: Egyptian Association of Animal Production
Local/International: Local
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Full paper Maher Hasab El-Nabi Khalil_1991 - Estimation of heterosis and combining abilities for carcass traits in chickens.pdf
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Two exotic breeds of chickens namely New Hampshire (NH) and White plymouth (WP) and two native breeds namely Dandarawi (DN) and Silver Montazah (SM) were used in diallel crossing experiment. This experiment was carried out at the poultry research station in El-qaaLer. Animal production research Institute Ministry Agriculture , Egypt . Carcass traits for 524 chicks were included in the present study to estimate heteresis , general (GCA) and specific (SCA) combining abilities , maternal ability (MA) and reciproca: or sex - linked effects (SL) . Breed group was found to have a significant (p< 0 .001) $0liree of variation on carcass traits . Averages of carcass traits of crossbred chicks were generally higher than those of purebreds significant differences were obtained among each crossbred and its reciprocal for most traits studied .The DNxSM crossbred chicks had the highest percent of heterosis while the WPatN1i crosshreds recorded the lowest percent of heterosis for Cal-CU-5 traits Crossing between local breeds gave the highest magnitude of heterosis for most traits foil-owed-by, crossing between local the—tifeigheit--rn-rirrit-LKI43—tlf hearosis7frrririasi4saits followed by crossing between exotic breeds and finally by crossing of exotic breeds with local ones.g-i- mo§ttraits a &died , sires were the itAe best performin0 asisire - breed billowed by SM While WP dams were the best as 4am-breed followed by Slvl General (GCA) and specific (SCA) combining abilities and materna] ability (MA) affected (p

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