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Genetic evaluation of growth traits in Dokki-4 chickens - 1993
Authors: Khalil M.H., Hanafi M., El-Labban A. E.F., Iraqi M.M.
Year: 1993
Keywords: Dokki-4 chickens, growth traits, genetic parameters
Journal: Egyptian Journal of Animal Production
Volume: 30
Issue: 2
Pages: 263-287
Publisher: Egyptian Association of Animal Production
Local/International: Local
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Full paper Maher Hasab El-Nabi Khalil_1993 - Genetic evaluation of growth traits in Dokki-4 chickens.pdf
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Growth traits of 4057 Dokki-4 chicks (as a synthetic native breed) produced by 35 sires in three consecutive hatches were evaluated. Body weight (BW) at hatch and biweekly thereafter up to 12 weeks as well as absolute gain (AG) and relative growth rate (RG) at intervals of between 0-4, 4-8 and 8-12 weeks of age were analysed separately using the mixed model procedures. Coefficients of variation (CV for growth traits are tended generally to increase as the chick advanced in age. The differences due to sires and dams for all growth traits at different ages were highly significant (P

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