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Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ahmed Freshah :: Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2023
1-ISPRS Geospatial Week - GSW 2023
Scientific Activities of 2022
2-21st International Beacon Satellite Symposium
Scientific Activities of 2021
3-Journal referee at Advances in Space Research (Elsevier)
Scientific Activities of 2020
4-IGWG Excellent Participation Award
5-Journal referee at Advances in Space Research (Elsevier)
6-Researcher Academy Certificate of Completion from Elsevier, How to prepare your manuscript? Presented by Anthony Newman
7-Outstanding Performance in 2020 LIESMARS Open Day, awarded outstanding participant certificate
8-Certificate of Participant in 2020 LIESMARS Open Day, Wuhan University, China
Scientific Activities of 2019
9-Gave a talk at "2019 CSC Ph.D. Forum", organized by Chinese Scholarship Council and Wuhan University
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