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Bridge pier Scour Evaluation in Meandering Channels
Authors: Gamal Elsaeed, Hossam Elsersawy, Mohammad Ibraheem, Fatma Samir
Year: 2015
Keywords: High Discharges, Rosetta Branch, Local Scour, Numerical Models, Kafr El-Zayat Bridges, Bridge Piers.
Journal: Journal of The International Association of Advanced Technology and Science
Volume: Vol.16
Issue: September 2015
Pages: 1-12
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
Paper Link: Not Available
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The objectives of this research are to predict and evaluate the effect of releasing high/extreme flow discharges on scour at 13 bridge piers of (3) bridges located at Kafr El-Zayat City. Field data, empirical equations and a two-dimensional model were used. The empirical equations were used to predict the general, contraction and bend scour of the bed's morphological changes along the entire reach of the Rosetta Branch. The 2-D model was used to predict scour at the bridge piers in the study area considering two scenarios of high river discharges. The expected extending of the scour holes around the main piers was also predicted. The results showed that in case the released discharges were (69.90, 220.00m.m3/day), the total scour around piers evaluated at the (3) bridges were (13.98, 17.74m) for bridge No. (1), (10.33, 13.93m) for bridge No. (2) and (12.64, 15.34m) for bridge No. (3). It is recommended to follow up the geometry of the scour holes after one year of passing extreme high discharges.

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