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Updated regime equations for alluvial Egyptian canals
Authors: Fahmy Salah Abdelhaleem, Ahmed Mostafa Amin, Mohammad Mahmoud Ibraheem
Year: 2016
Keywords: Alluvial channels; Regime theory; Channel design; Fluvial hydraulics; Egypt
Journal: Alexandria Engineering Journal
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Real accuracy of several regime relationships for designing stable alluvial channels in Egypt was determined. Extensive field measurements had been carried out on 26 Egyptian stable canals, which cover various categories of irrigation canals starting from distributary, branch to carrier canals in Egypt. Analysis of 1484 velocity profiles for 371 cross sections was employed in order to formulate new regime equations characterizing Egyptian canals. The functional formulations to include the flow depth, cross section area, hydraulic radius and mean velocity were achieved. This research compared the deduced formulas from the measured data with the equations derived by other researchers for stable channel design. It was found that the derived formulas are reliable and could help in the design of Egyptian canals to convey a discharge ranging from 0.11 to 287.5 m3/s (0.0095–24.84 millions m3/day).

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