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Improve the Efficiency of Stilling Basin Using Different Types of Blocks
Authors: Ibrahim M. M
Year: 2017
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Stilling basins are utilized to disseminate the energy of water exiting the heading-up hydraulic structures. The essential technique for scattering energy is to create a hydraulic jump to move spill out of supercritical to subcritical. In this paper, an experimental study was led to explore the impacts of block shapes on the flow pattern downstream a radial gate. Forty-five (45) exploratory runs were done. Four different states of baffleblocks were considered, notwithstanding an instance of level floor without blocks was incorporated into the test program to evaluate the impact of utilizing the blocks. Each case was tried with various flow conditions; three unique discharges and three diverse tail water depths were utilized. Results were investigated and graphically exhibited. The tests demonstrated that the blocks exhibited a high proficiency in limiting the detached impact of the flowpattern downstream the gate.

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