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Sediment Control In-Front of El-Kureimat Power Plant Intakes
Authors: Ibrahim M. M and Bahgat M.
Year: 2019
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Sedimentation process at the entrance of river intake structures is an imperative issue. If there should arise an occurrence of power-plants that utilization flow cooling water, sediment deposition decreases the pulled back limit, makes harms the pumping framework and causes halfway or full blockage of the intake. Sediment blockage may cause ceasing of the plant. This examination displays and breaks down the issue of sedimentation at water intake of El-kureimat control plant utilizing a 2 dimensional computational model, iRIC. Four alternatives were tried under three flow conditions, fifteen numerical runs were completed to characterize a progressive arrangement from hydro-dynamical and morphological perspectives. The model was calibrated and verified using field measurements. The results were contrasted with the basic case. Connecting the small formed island and the downstream of El-Kureimat Island to bed level 23.0m, prompted increment the average velocities by 60%, 22.1%, and 30.9% for Min, Dom, and Max flow conditions individually prompting sediments removal in front of intakes of the power plant. Thusly, it was introduced as a practical answer for sediment control at water Intake of El-kureimat power plant

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