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Bed configurations downstream combined V- Notch-sharped edged Weir with inverted V-Shaped gate
Authors: Mohamed M. Ibrahim, Al Sayed Ibrahim Diwedar, Ahmed M. Ibraheem,Noha F. Fathallah & Amir Ibrahim
Year: 2023
Keywords: V-Notch Weir; inverted V-Notch gate; compound structures; velocity distribution; scour
Volume: 29
Issue: 5
Pages: Not Available
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
Local/International: International
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Full paper Mohammad Mahmoud Mohammad Ibrahim_Bed configurations downstream combined V-Notch-sharped edged Weir with inverted V-Shaped gate.pdf
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Weirs and gates are hydraulic structures installed in canals, mainly for controlling the discharge. Because of their existence, unfavorable influences regarding the downstream bed configurations were recorded. This study experimentally explores the combined effect of simultaneous flow through a hydraulic device consisting of a V-notch sharped weir with an inverted V-shaped gate, aiming to minimize the downstream bed scour. Eighty-one runs were carried out using nine weir-gate models with three different vertex angles. The tests were executed considering three upstream and three downstream water depths. A V-notch weir with an angle of 120º was tested under similar hydraulic conditions and was used for comparison. The results revealed that the length of backflow was increased by the decrease in weir angle under a fixed 120° gate angle. The bed configurations were sensitive to gate angle. The combined device showed a significant decrease in bed disturbances regardless of the angles used compared to the traditional V-notch weir. Simple formulas were developed to predict the scour parameters.

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