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Factors Impact on Choice of Suitable Water Resource Ibrahim
Authors: Ibrahim M.M., Yasser M. El-Elsaie, Yara A. Zaki, and Ibrahim M. Mahdi
Year: 2023
Keywords: Water resource, Egypt, Water resource choice YMER || ISSN : 0044-0477 VOLUME 22 : ISSUE 12 (Dec) - 2023 Page
Journal: YMER
Volume: 22
Issue: 12
Pages: 758-777
Publisher: University of Stockholm
Local/International: International
Paper Link:
Full paper Mohammad Mahmoud Mohammad Ibrahim_YMER2212A4.pdf
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Water is a crucial factor in economic and sustainable development, with its significance increasing with rising demand. The future is bleak if Egypt fails to effectively develop and execute a water resources management strategy that can effectively address the growing demand for freshwater within restricted supply constraints. Hence, it is imperative to examine the diverse water sources accessible in Egypt and reallocate these resources to other regions within the country to meet the water demand adequately. This study aimed to investigate the many factors influencing the selection of optimal water resources and assess the respective effects of these factors on the decision-making process. The results are derived from prior research studies, expert perspectives, and the completion of questionnaires by professionals. The search results found that the relative weights for factor in water resource selection are 9.84%, 9.30%, and 6.10% for the sustainability of the resource, quantity of water produced, and topography of the city and its surroundings, respectively. The most vital factor in selecting a water resource is its sustainability, followed by the quantity of water produced. The least important factor is the topography of the city and its surroundings.

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