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Impact of Climate Change on Maize Productivity in Egypt
Authors: ELsabagh, A. I. T ; N. Kh. B. El-Gizawy1 ; M. M. I. Elhabbaq and S. A. S. Mehasen
Year: 2021
Keywords: Planting dates, Yellow maize hybrids, Growth, Yield and yield components.
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Two field experiments were conducted at the Experimental and Research Center, Fac. Agric., Moshtohor, Benha Univ., during 2019 and 2020 summer seasons. The aim of this work was to study the response of three yellow maize hybrids (SC 2088, SC P3444 and SC 168) to six planting dates (15th March, 1st April, 15th April, 1 st May, 15th May and 1st June). The experimental design was randomized complete block design using splitplots arrangement with three replications. Planting dates were arranged in the main plots and yellow maize hybrids was arranged at random in the sub-plots. The main results were as follows: No. days to 50% tasseling and silking were significantly decreased as planting date delayed beyond the 1st of June. Planting maize seeds on 1 st or 15th of May gave the highest values of studied traits and productivity compared to the other planting dates during both seasons. Meanwhile SC P3444 hybrid was significantly earlier than the other hybrids regarding 50% tasseling and silking. Also, SC P3444 hybrid was superior to the other two hybrids in all the studied traits in both seasons. Regarding the interaction effect, between planting dates and yellow maize hybrids were significant differences of 100–grain weight in both seasons and No. days to 50% tasseling, plant height, ear grains weight and grain yield fed-1 in the second season. It could be concluded that under the conditions of the experiment, planting SC P3444 hybrid and planting maize seeds on 1 st or 15th of May is recommended.

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