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Prof. Neama Abdl- Karim Ahmad Abd Al-Haris :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
1-The Effectiveness of Cognitive Program for Mnemonic Working Memory and its Impact on the Depressed Patients. Completed
2-The Effectiveness of a Program for Modifying the Attention among Children with ADHD "Preschool Sample". Completed
3-Childhood Sexual Abuse and Its Relation with Personality Disorders Among Female College Students. Completed
4-Differences between Juvenile Delinquents and Normals on some of Frontal Lobe Functions. Completed
5-Coping Styles of Parents as their Children Perceived and its Relation with Emotional and Social Development in Adolescence. Completed
6-Internet Addiction and Family Adjustment on a Univ. Students. Completed
7-Marketing Personality and its Relation with some Personality Traits on a University Students Sample. Completed
8-The Efficacy of Counseling Program of Anger Management in Reducing Anxiety in a Univ. Sample. Completed
9-Styles of Confronting Stressors and its Relation with Psychological Disorders Among Old Age. Completed
10-The Effectiveness of Counseling Program in Modifying Parent's Behavior Toward their Feeble Minded Children. Completed
11- The Effectiveness of Vocational Program in Developing some Cognitive Skills Among Autistic Children. Completed
12- Handicapping and it's Effect on the Efficiency of Productivity in Parents on a Variant Samples Completed
13- Internet Addiction and its relation with Behavioral Problems Among a University Students. Completed
14- The Efficacy of Early Intervention Program in Developing Visual Perception of Autistic Children Sample. Completed
15- Freud's Conception of Conscience: An Experimental Verification Study. Completed
16- The Effectiveness of Neurolinguistic Programming in the Treatment of Depressed Patients. Completed
17- The Efficacy of Behavioral Therapeutic Program in Reducing Stuttering of psychological problematic Children. Completed
18- The Efficacy of Behavioral Cognitive Program in alleviating the severe oppositional Disorder in Children. Completed
19- Differences in Thinking and Working Memory Among Amnesiatic Patients. Completed
20- The Relationship between working Memory Components, Brain Storming and Memory Span. Completed
21- The Relationship between some Neurotic Disorders and Efficiency of Productivity. Completed
22- The Effectiveness of Counseling Program forReducing Social Anxiety Among Sample of Children. In Progress
23- Expressive writing and it's Impact in Improving the Efficiency of working Memory. In Progress
24- The Impact of Multilanguage Learning on Working Memory. In Progress
25- Coping Styles of Psychological Stressors in Obsessive Compulsive Patients and Normals. In Progress
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