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Prof. Neama Abdl- Karim Ahmad Abd Al-Haris :: Supervised PhD:

Title In progress/Completed
1-The Role of Certain Brain Structures in Temporal Information Processing in Children with Learning Disabilities. Completed
2-Differences in the level of Information processing for each of high on Neuroticism, Psychotic, and Normals. Completed
3-The Efficacy of a program for the Development of Attention and Auditory Responses among Autistic Children. Completed
4-The Effectiveness of Counseling Program for Social Support in Reducing Social Phobias level on a University Students. Completed
5-Life Stressors and Coping Styles in relations with Depression Among Drug Addicted Patients. Completed
6-The Effectiveness of Counseling Program for early Intervention to prevent Delinquency among a group of Adolescents Exposing to Delinquency danger. Completed
7- The Effectiveness of Counseling Program in developing Social Communication Skills to reduce some Behavioral Problems among Students. Completed
8- The Effectiveness of Behavioral Therapeutic Program for Motor Hyperactivity in Autistic children. Completed
9- Types of Brain Electric Activity, Stress Tolerance and some Personality Traits among Two Classes of Depression. Completed
10-The Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Program for Confronting Stressful Life Events and Regressive Prevention of Drug Addicted Adolescents. Completed
11-The Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Program for Aggressive Behavior Reduction among ADHA Children. Completed
12-The Efficacy of Training Program for Improving Working Memory in Dyslexiaties. Completed
13-Differences in Learning and Remembering Rates between Visual, Auditory Handicapped and Normals. Completed
14-Emotional Intelligence and Family Adaptation in Adolescents. In Progress
15-The Efficacy of Multimedia Program in Developing Self – help and Environmental Awareness Skills in Autistic Children. In Progress
16- Some Personality Factors and Self - efficacy in University Students "Comparative Study". In Progress
17- Behavioral Cognitive Therapy of Panic Disorder. In Progress
18- The Efficacy of Behavioral Training Program in Reducing Aggression of Autistic Children. In Progress
19- Language Understanding and Information Processing in Schizophrenic Samples. In Progress
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