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رؤية معمارية لمعالجة الأماكن العامة وفق المنظور الاسلامى
Authors: Osama A. Latif
Year: 2010
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We occasionally hear about murders in commercial malls and public facilities. The incident usually starts with a fight then ends with murder. Such crimes have a negative impact on both the victim and the culprit, and even on the entire community. The underlying causes are numerous, starting with the failure to remember Allah in public places and markets, which are the environment of the devil. Also among the causes are the quarrels that take place between individuals and the ensuing fury, which is an ember that the devil throws into the heart of a human then intensifies it step by step. Eventually, a weapon or other means appears on the site of the fight and the devil inspires its use to inflict the greatest possible harm on the opponent, thus leading to the gravest of sins. One of the ways to carry this out is to throw the opponent from a height to meet his death. Therefore, it is a responsibility on architect designers to prevent such crimes by taking the hidden elements that affect the visitors of such places into consideration and not overlooking them. Some railing-related architectural elements can be added to prevent the act of throwing from a height. Also, sensors can be placed so as to alert to the indicators of an imminent fight, such as loud voices and forceful movements, thus releasing water sprinklers or tear gas onto the potential fighters to separate them. Alternatively, a signal could be generated to raise glass barriers that would prevent the act of throwing a body down the cavity of the mall

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