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Architectural Identity of Urban Complexes. الهوية المعمارية للتجمعات العمرانية
Authors: Osama A.Latif and Khaled Elhadidy
Year: 2009
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: Engineering Research Journal, Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University
Volume: vol. 4 No 12
Issue: Not Available
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Local/International: Local
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Full paper Osama Abdel Latif Youssef Aly_Architectural Identity.pdf
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The urban complexes represent a powerful visional signs through the cohesion and the harmony between the different building's programs. Dye to the different periods of their founding and the changes accrued resulted from choosing different consultants and decision makers appointed by the owners or landlords, the cohesion and harmony between the edifices was lost. So, in an effort to ameliorated this case with the presence of the different views of the consultants or committee of the owners, the intention was to control the contradiction caused by the variations of the points of views among the consultants, it was seen to control that by putting a fixed plan to be followed by the concerned specialists in order to regulate the matter to an acceptable level reaching to the intended goal of that harmony and conveniences. In doing that we suggest studying the structures under constructions in Benha University to observe the identity of the character of those buildings to create a system emphasizing the architecture style of the university and conserve the character of its buildings.

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